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Who is Liberty?

Liberty Outreach Center was birthed April 2015 by Servant Leaders Teajai & Jewel Allen, who recently celebrated 8 years of Pastoring, Ministry and Service to the Community.  Liberty offers weekly Sunday Morning Worship Service as well as Tuesday Night Bible Teaching and various other outreach initiatives..

LIBERTY is a Ministry that's Committed to an Outreach that Serves as In Matthew 25:35-36 (NIV).

35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.




What is the Forward Project Development Plan?

"We are Building for the Next Generation" 

The Forward Development Project is Liberty's Five Year Capital Campaign that consists of Three Phases.  The Mission and Vision is to build a new state of the art campus to include a worship facility, community center and more that will be a hub for reaching young people and families in the Franklintown, Belmont, Rosemont and surrounding communities. It will not just be a building; it will be an investment for Future Generations.



The Forward Development Capital Campaign is a 5 Year project that consist of 3 Phases.

What have we done?

Liberty has served the Woodlawn community for seven years, providing a Food Pantry and monthly food distribution partnered with the Maryland Food Bank to provide Free nutritional food and produce to the community. We have also partnered with the several Men and Women's Shelters like the Night of Peace and others to provide financial, mental and spiritual resources. We had annual community events, "Unity in the Community",

Harvest Fest, First Fridays A Night of Prayer, public outdoor Baptisms and social engagement to build relationships and partnerships with the community. We intend to carry on the same as we;; as new traditions in our new community.

Phase 1: (Year 1) Immediate Need 

June 2023, Liberty was able to purchase it's very own property that consists of a building and 2 acres of included land.  The building we purchased was built in 1958, 65 year old and is approximately 4200 sq/ft. This building was sitting dormant since 2020 when the Pandemic shut a lot of churches down prior to Liberty purchasing it.  This building has immediate need of renovations. A full roof replacement to repair leaks. A new hot water heater and interior renovations due to damage cause from the leaking roof. Installation of a central air conditioning system to remove old window units that doesn't work to cool the entire building; worship area, fellowship hall, restrooms, offices and kitchen. Exterior and interior upgrades for security purposes and energy efficiencies. Lastly, a parking lot expansion. 


Phase 2: (Years 2-3) Burn all Debt

Prior to purchasing the new property Liberty had some remaining debt from the previous location.  Also, we acquired some new debt as we moved into the new 


location.  The goal is in this phase to remove any and all debt to include loans and financing for equipment and service.


Phase 3: (Years 4-5) Burn the Mortgage

The building we purchased was built in 1958 and is approximately 4200 sq/ft.  This building is great for right now.  But, Liberty has a goal to build a new church and to accomplish this we need to pay off the current mortgage and would like to have this done by 2028.  Once the mortgage and all debt is paid this will allow us to move forward with the next Project "The O.N.E. Center".


Liberty Outreach Center in conjunction with the newly formed Liberty’s Franklintown O.N.E. Center and Franklintown Community Development Corp. plans to create a community center that will holistically increase the quality of life for the citizens of Baltimore strategically focusing on the Franklintown/Belmont/Rosemont Communities.  

Why Right Now?

Our Property is a gift from God! We were called to manage and use this piece of property to live generous and giving lives.  When our roof leaks, when the building is too hot, when there is no hot water, and not enough parking spaces we are unable to show hospitality to all the different groups who use our facility and provide services to the community.  Being able to replace the roof, purchase a new hot water heater and repair other items gives us the opportunity to further God's Kingdom in new and exciting ways.

How funds will be used?

June 2023, Liberty was able to purchase it's very own building and 2 acres of included land. The funds will be used to complete renovations to the building that has an immediate need.

  • Replace the Roof

  • Replace the Hot Water Heater

  • Install Central Air Conditioning

  • Renovate the Kitchen/Food Pantry

  • Exterior/Interior Cosmetics 

  • Parking lot Expansion

Also, Liberty plans to use the funds from the second and third phase of this capital campaign to pay off the mortgage and all loans in five years. Why do we want to pay of the mortgage and loans in five years?  As we stated above the current building is 65 years old so instead of sinking funds into this building we have the Forward Development Plan to build the O.N.E. Center. 

What is the O.N.E. Center?


The O.N.E. Center is the campus Liberty plans to develop within the next 10 years that will be located at 1215 N Franklintown Rd. Baltimore, Maryland 21216. It will ultimately consist of a new build House of Worship (Liberty Outreach Center) on the land behind the current building as well as new Community Center on the undeveloped land, that will provide community services, health initiatives and educational programs for our families, youth and seniors and a new parking lot to accommodate the new buildings..


What can you expect from the O.N.E. Center? You can look forward to a youth program that will motivate, educate and inspire our next generation, mentoring programs, an expansion of the LOC food pantry, workforce & career development, entrepreneurship training, wellness education and much more. Senior programs that will cut the health equities in our community with education, prevention and assistance. It is time for us to repair and strengthen our village and we have answered the call to rebuild!


Through our initiatives and efforts, it is our goal to see:

  • Rise in educational accomplishment

  • Decreased crime rates

  • Decrease in Mental Illness and Learning Loss

  • Increase in employment and entrepreneurship

  • Stronger and healthier families

  • Healthy and fit adults and children

  • Increase in effective re-entry and decrease in recidivism

  • More spiritually connected and flourishing adults and children





Teajai Exterior Design.jpg

Great! How do I Give?

First of all, pray, pray, pray! Review the information on this website. If you are local, please come visit, walk around the building to see the damage. The church will give you any accurate and relevant information to assist you in your decision-making. We know everyone’s circumstance is different and invite you to give a gift born out of faith. Can you give $25 a month? A one time gift of $500 or $1000 or $10,000?

Your gift can be given at anytime by CLICKING HERE TO GIVE ELECTRONICALLY or mailing a check to the church office, dropping one off or cash during worship service. If you have any questions or want to talk about what you can give, please call Pastor Teajai (443)347-6658 ext.101

We will not be able to accomplish this without you, our community of faith family, friends and supporters.



FAQ or Contact

For more information call: (443) 347-6658 or email

We Need Your Help!

Our Goal for Phase 1 (Year 1) is to raise a minimum of $75,000 in Year 1

How do we accomplish this?


Option #1: 75 People Donate $1,000

That's Only.......

  • $20/week for 52 weeks 

  • $40/week for 26 weeks

  • $80/month


Option #2: 150 People Donate $500

That's Only.......

  • $10/week for 52 weeks 

  • $20/week for 26 weeks

  • $42/month

If you are in position to give more or don't meet the groups above Remember......

No Amount is too Large or too Small!

Thank You in advance
Pastors Teajai & Jewel

Capital Campaign


Phase 1 Goal:


Phase 2 Goal:


Phase 3 Goal:



Looking for a church but not sure where to turn? We want to help you find a home. Liberty Outreach Center is dedicated to helping everyday people grow in Christ, and we want to have some fun along the way! 

1215 N. Franklintown Rd. Baltimore, MD 21216

Sundays In-Person or Online at 10:30 AM

Tuesdays In-Person or Online at 7:00 PM 

Call Us Today : (443) 347-6658

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