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Liberty Outreach Center humbly asks for your financial support for our Debt Burning Capital Campaign.  Over the past three years, Liberty has faced some challenges after we experienced the Fire in 2019.  We were temporary displaced for 1 year, then returning right into the two-year Pandemic.  Due to these hardships, we have incurred some unforeseen debt, and we, the church need your help to burn this debt by the end of 2022, so we can return to doing ministry without worrying about how we are going to get it done.

Our Aggressive goal is to raise $65,000 in 6 months!  You might ask, how can that be done?

We are asking the Lord to send 120 or more people to participate in this Capital Campaign in one of several ways:


30 people give $1,000

(Only $167/month)

40 people give $500

(Only $84/month)

50 people give $250

(Only $42/month)

No Amount is too Large or too Small!

Thank You in advance
Pastors Teajai & Jewel


Capital Campaign





Looking for a church but not sure where to turn? We want to help you find a home. Liberty Outreach Center is dedicated to helping everyday people grow in Christ, and we want to have some fun along the way! 

1724 Woodlawn Dr. #34-35 Baltimore, MD 21207

Sundays In-Person or Online at 10:35 AM

Tuesdays In-Person or Online at 7:05 PM 

Call Us Today (leave message) : (443) 543-6770

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